Monday, 7 April 2014

Feeding your illusions

All is into something & some thing is in to every thing, every thing is nothing, nothing was never anything.......... Stop stop stop stop,, This is not my new Quote, I was actually referring to my mind.

Seems to be a long Journey, heading to the end of north pole , 
See you again if possible. Till then, Good bye.

But I am not bound by others inspirations because writing is not my hobby, I just write thinking that I would less the burden in my mind. But it never happened such, instead It makes me think more & more & more ....

Hey Boss, you...
See in me ...the point here is you are feeding your imaginations & making them real, nothing exists in real but illusions, nothing to loose & nothing to gain..... Oh really, But my confusion is who is the illusion , you or me.... Oh common! Please don't tell me we both are same because you don make sense at all ...

Angry Eyes

The word of mind is lost & the sweat on my tongue has dried, my wounds need blood, Now blood in my eyes.My anger is now turned violent red, now red is the sky.The sea still seems to be blue & that's what i will never buy..

& imagine the rainbow besides moon in the night.

Bucket full of roses, no pockets on his pants.
Fingers pointing forehead, was neither bothered by hands.
A thought, to the matter of fact.look into my eyes,an act you see . what a master piece,
My mom once spoke about witches, are you something like this.

He stood by the door for someone to knock. 
The door, his thought, that frame on the block. The clock on the wall, the tock of the ten. 
His foot on the ball, but no place to send. But, soon the blend of the wait will tenderly shame.
For he knows, some doors are made to open & not to blame.

hammm, seems like this night has been too long since the day I went wrong. Left with no choice but to peep through this opaque story of mistakes. I have been building bonds with livings & weak with few of those, how shall I explain you that I am too young to loose my sight, I still see my do. let me inside your confidence, call me with my name. I know the chance has become lazy, let him take the blame.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

What is Imagination, basically ??

Hello again,

Here, another perception of me,I contradict-ally deny what I thought about the imagination
If i would define it as an illusion, then I am not sure if I am right because I think it is the reality of the virtual mind of a being.

forming mental images. Imagination can be either active or passive. It is active if one is
creating new and original images. It is passive if one is attuning one’s mind to externally produced images.

Our imaginations are our means both of directing our own lives and of receiving information
from outside ourselves. Our imaginations also can influence those around us. Thus, it is important that
we learn how to use our imaginations effectively.

Not only do the images in our minds influence
what we do in life, they also radiate outward and,
if received by others, can influence what they do.
When we are actively creating images of others
in our minds, these images tend to travel to the persons we are thinking of and may put suggestions in
their heads if they are in a passive mental state.
They do not have to do what the received images
suggest to them, but if the images are in line with
already existing tendencies within them, those tendencies are strengthened by the incoming images.
Thus, it is important that we not imagine others
doing anything that is not good for them to do.

I love this beautiful poem by —Elsa Glover

Form in your mind an image
Of situations others are in.
The image serves as antenna,
And sympathy will begin.
Form in your mind an image
Of any system or thing.
The image resonates
And understanding will bring.
Form in your mind an image
Of what you would like to create.
Then you can actually make it
At some future date.
Form in your mind an image
Of what you would like to do.
The image then serves as template
For making it come true.
Form in your mind an image
Of the ideal ultimate goal.
Cling to this image firmly.
It will draw upward your soul.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Precaution of a thought

I would say that a thought is preserved for retention.
But if precaution,then.....??

THE word " true " indicates t h e  aim of logic as  does "beautiful "
th a t   of  aesthetics or "good " t h a t  of  ethics.  All sciences have
t r u t h  a s  their goal ; b u t  logic is also concerned with i t  in a quite
different way from this.  It has much the  same relation t o  t r u t h
a s  physics has t o  weight or heat.  To discover t ruths  is t h e  task
of all sciences ; i t  falls t o  logic t o  discern t h e  laws of t ruth.   The
word " law " is used in two senses.  When we speak of  laws of
morals  or  t h e   state  we  mean  regulations  which  ought  to  be
obeyed  b u t   with  which  actual  happenings  are  not  always  in

conformity.  Laws  of  nature  are  the   generalization  of  natural
occurrences with which the  occurrences are always in accordance.
It is rather in this sense t h a t  I speak of  laws of  t ruth.   This is,
to be sure, not a matter of what happens so much a s  of what is.
Rules for  asserting, thinking, judging,  inferring, follow from t h e
laws  of  t ruth.   And  thus   one  can  very  well  speak  of  laws  of
thought  too.  .  But  there  is  an imminent danger here of  mixing
different things up.  Perhaps the  expression " law of  thought "
is interpreted b y  analogy with " law of  nature " and t h e  general-
ization  of  thinking  a s   a..mental occurrence is meant  by it.  A
law of thought in this sense would be a psychological law.  And
so  one might  come t o  believe t h a t   logic deals with  the  mental
process  of  thinking  and  t h e   psychological  laws  in  accordance

with which  i t  takes  place.  This  would  be  a  misunderstanding
of the  task of  logic, for t r u t h  has not been given t h e  place which
is i t s  due here.  Error and superstition have causes just  a s  much
a s  genuine knowledge.  The assertion  both of  what is false and
of  what is true takes place in accordance with psychological laws.
A derivation from these and a n  explanation of  a mental process
t h a t   terminates  in  an  assertion  can  never  take  t h e   place  qf  a
proof  of  what  is  asserted.  Could  not  logical  laws  also  have
played  a  pa r t   in  this  mental  process?  I  do  not  want  t o
dispute this,  but  when i t  is a question of  t r u t h  possibility is not
enough.  Por  i t   is  also  possible  t h a t   something  not  logical
played  a  pa r t   in  t h e   process  and  deflected i t  from  the   t ruth.
. We  can  only  decide  this  after  we  have  discerned  the   laws  of
t r u t h  ; but   then  we  will  probably  be  able  to  do  without  t h e
derivation and explanation of t h e  mental process if i t  is important
t o  us t o  decide whether  t h e  assertion  in which  t h e  process ter-
minates  is  justified.  I n  order  t o   avoid  this  misunderstanding
and to prevent t h e  blurring of the  boundary between psychology
and  logic, I assign t o  logic t h e  task  of  discovering t h e  laws  of
t ruth,   not  of  assertion  or  thought.  The meaning  of  t h e  word
"t rue  " is explained by the  laws of t ruth.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Trust of love

How beautiful indeed.

Before the Dawn was late, some thing happened on  a matter of fate .
 yes...! yes he made a decision, like free goods on a  freight.
a decision of his own??
yes,, yes of his own.

If decision was so stable.. then why the question arose of trust*.
Of trust,,,?? yes, yes of trust*.
aah Alas...!!! realized the judgment of his subcutaneous mind.
...--blank --!!  ....silence made a noise of laughter...! & than a little remind.
Said, the subconscious mind to the consciousness, dint I tell you before???
Than,why is there a hurt in your decision, a pain in relief & belief.

vengeance is like a shadow, I told you.din`t I?
yes, a shadow, a shadow of his own, yes of his own.
Like the sunshine rainbow by the pyramid drops of water.
Shattered Shattered Shattered & dispersed on the reality of his insanity.

If there was a innovation of trust*  couldn't the deed be an formal understanding & 
would`t it in turn form a beautiful love. wouldn't it ?
yes, it would. yes, a love of his own.
how beautiful indeed.

For for may loving wife.
I will love you forever no matter how  tough might the trust question on my behalf.
You are & will always be my first & last love.

Friday, 8 June 2012

A thought of me



M I N D  A  Q U A R T E R L Y   R E V I E W  
                                    O F
-THE  T H O U G H T :   A  LOGICAL   I N Q U I R Y

A talk to me is a merge of  consciousness with mind,
A beautiful talk is a thought not to debate but to tell what I (we) think, its not an explanation & neither an innovation of the specific context. It basically all existed before & will for ever, its all about at what extent we  understand it.

As per my perception, Knowledge is nothing but just a thought.
Its like  proton energy packet, the only thing it does is it explores itself.

much knowledge is discovered over by years now,
but yet a lot more then that has to be understood to be a fact or merely an assumption.
Analyzing all the assumptions we make, makes no sense to me by any means as we end up with a solution with is actually a conclusion means nothing but just the result.
If so, than on what basis do we define the results to be the thesis of this world or may be any specific community.

We all are forcing ourselves to live under the deeds of some minds who made writings on their own assumptions.
What is fact that has been ignored just because they did not fit their thoughts or may be expectations.
Its very simple indeed,
When a man is in an urge to invent some thing, he has already imagined the result with an expectation on its inputs.No matter what ever the journey of the invention is, start , between or near to end, the inventor always forces it towards the expected results.

Thank you.
Mahendra Gurlhosur.

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” 
Albert Einstein said.

my you

Oh Dear..!

If I had to make a choice  instead of you, I would pay for my thoughts & stop the imagination..

~ mahi ~